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Welcome to Canadian Gundam.

A online store start in 2005 for all your Gundam and various other model needs.  The products are competitively priced in Canadian currency Shipping is a flat rate of $10 anywhere in Canada with no other hidden fees.  We only ship within Canada.

Help support small business in Canada. Other websites may seem cheaper (like the those from the US or Japan), but when you add in the shipping, taxes, duty fees, border handling fees, and currencey exchange fees, you'll find that my shop is much cheaper and easier. Shipping is also cheaper because the items are already in Canada and you have the ability to pick up the items to save money on shipping.

Have any Questions or just want more information? Please contact me!

Thank you for your support!



New products

  • Lacus Clyne
    Lacus Clyne

    Figure-rise Burst - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - Lacus Clyne (012) Canadian...

  • Mikazuki Augus
    Mikazuki Augus

    Figure-rise Burst - Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS - Mikazuki...

  • ActiveRaid Liko
    ActiveRaid Liko

    Figure-rise Burst - ActiveRaid Liko (006) Canadian Gundam

  • Kira Yamato
    Kira Yamato

    Figure-rise Burst - Gundam Seed / Destiny - Kira Yamato (001) Canadian...

  • Fumina Hoshino Ending Ver.
    Fumina Hoshino Ending Ver.

    Figure-rise Burst - Gundam Builder Fighter - Fumina Hoshino Ending Ver....